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1999 Club Picnic at Kelso

This year the picnic was held at the Halton Region Museum which is inside the Kelso Conservation Area. This was just about as perfect a setting as one could want. A small vale for the cars and a friendly helpful staff. The day had some sunshine and some drizzle , but what is a British car show without precipitation of one sort or another. There was a whole park to discover and a local museum to explore. There was however no food. When we say picnic we mean picnic. Thank heaven there was some frozen yogurt and cold drinks.

I was first here. All there was was me, Bugsy, dewey grass and some park employees who were probably not sure if I should have been parked on the grass.

This is Cliff Veary's 1952 Triumph Mayflower

This is my (David Wood's) 1960 Austin Healey Sprite. It is basically original with only rudimentry paint and only minor electrical modifications (half installed stereo). The engine is a 1275 cc of unknown build.

These are the Triumph Stags of Tony Fox and Tony Fox Jr.

The 1962 Ford Consul 375 of Bill and Angela Davies

Ken and Deb Baker's 1961 Vauxhall Victor Deluxe

Roger Tipple's 1962 Hillman Super Minx

Brendan O'Hara's 1966 6/110 Mk II Wolseley
Dermot O'Hara's 1963 Austin A110 MkII Westminster

Clifford Koch’s Austin A35

Doug and Edna Johnston’s ‘59 Morris Oxford

Doug & Edna Johnston’s Jaguar XKE

Rick Clark’s Land Rover This is a machine, which would look just as comfortable wheels up or pointing to either side! It is just too clean here!

Eric Robinson’s Morris Minor

Cliff Pike's Triumph Spitfire

Larry Read arriving in his 1959 Ford Prefect

Lloyd & Ruth Legrow's Rover P5

Don Sutherland's Austin Healey 100

Dave Lawrence arriving in his Austin Westminster

Jonathan Tipple arriving in the family Mini

This is a promotion for the annual Toy Run Left is Arnold Koopman's MGB Middle is Roger Tipple's Hillman Super Minx and on the right is Isabella Greenfield and Howard Fletcher's MGA
Santa's Little Elves are Anne Koopman and Deb Baker

This is Mike Sweeney's Riley. One of these days I will get a decent picture of this car!

Mike Hildrey's Rubber Bumper MGB


Andrew Templer’s ‘68 Wolseley 6/110 Mk II

Lloyd McBride's Wolseley

Brian Anthony's Vauxhall Victor. This was changed mildly and imported to Canada as an Envoy Epic

Derek Fletcher's Austin Healey 3000

Ward Lindsey’s Triumph Spitfire

Bryan Merrick’s 1973 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Rick Clark getting hit up for a good cause by Santa's Li'l Helplers Arnold and Anne Koopman.

Glenn Uhrig's Triumph TR6

This year we tried to get everyone into individual model and similar groups for calendar pictures. Under the direction of Roger Tipple we got everyone available together for pictures

The Mini Group

Jeff Fenwick
David Scott
Jonathan Tipple
Elva and Dave Allen

The Morris Minors

Eric Robinson
Bob Johnson

The Austins

David Lawrence
Rob McKenzie
Clifford Koch

The Farina cars

Andrew Templer
Brendan O’Hara’s Morris
Lloyd McBrides Wolseley
Dermot O'Hara's Wolseley
Doug Johnston

The Vauxhalls

Brian Anthony
Ken Baker

The Fords

Larry Read
Angela Davies

The Triumphs

Bert Verwey
Tony Fox
Tony Fox JR.
Cliff Pike
Ward Lindsey
Glenn Uhrig

The MGs

Arnold Koopman
Michael Hildrey
Howard Fletcher

The Austin Healeys

Derek Fletcher
Don Sutherland
David Wood

The Rovers

Rick Clark
Lloyd Legrow

The Upscale Others

Bryan Merrick
Brian Faulkner
Mike Sweeney
Roger Tipple
Doug Johnston

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