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Toronto Triumph British Car Day

It was a great day in September. Sunny and warm, it just could not get any better. Here are some pictures I took, there are lots of them. If anyone has problems viewing them let me know; I can figure something out.

Arriving at BCD, we were greeted by a Mini leaving and a bicycle entering. There is one good thing for those taking admission, there are no loonies or toonies to cause or aggrivate back and counting problems. :-)

Nigel gets the first picture because he carried me here

Joe Mirizio brought his '67 Mini

Andrew McLean's 1980 Rover Mini

Owen Tipple brought his '74 Austin Mini all the way from Burlington

This one may not be everybody's cup of tea. They've been shortened, chopped, convertibilized, and engine swapped. But I've not seen any that have been converted to a three wheeler.

Dave Allen was smitten by this '64 Mini Cooper S owned by Rachel and Andy Nelson of Grimsby

The 1071 cc engine all original to production in April '64

This Cooper S had only one gas tank

In behind the sliding side window is a very basic interior.
The heater was the only option.

One of the rareities with this car is the 120 MPH speedometer, they were normally 130 MPH

Like the plate says, its not a Mini

It's a '69 Austin America Automatic owned by Mark Margetts

Also "Not a Mini" from Windsor is Wayne Larose's Austin 1100 daily driver

This 1949 MG TC is owned by David Holmes.
This car does have a racing history back to when it was new and raced by Tommy Hoan

This is the '58 MGA 1500, Moggie, owned by Fraser Cooper.

The nose is a result of deer collision in 1964. Other modifications include a Sierra 5 spd gearbox,

Sue Dow, we found your '73 MGB. Not that you could lose it.

1954 MG Arnolt owned by David West of Toronto

MGB V6 5 spd. owned by Dave Monkalbaan of North Tonowanda NY

Jaguar on the prowl

'76 MG Midget owned by John-Peter Schmit

He's a Rocket Man

1961 Ford Anglia 105E owned by Keith Courchaine of St. Catherines

1967 Morris Minor 1000 owned by Lori and Harry Lambertus of Toronto

Eric Appadoo's 1949 Austin A40 Devon

Art and Kathy Dunlop's 1961 Morris Minor Traveller

1954 Morris Oxford MO owned by Ron Davey of Cobourg

1965 Morris Minor owned by I Cayton of Kitchener

1959 Morris Minor 1000 owned by Jim Colburne of Oakville

This is a 1952 Alvis TB-21 Sports owned by Michael Stratford of Kitchener

This car was bought as a basket case by Michael in late 2007 and re-assembled and restored in the years since then

1963 Morris Minor 1000 is owned by J. McCulloch of Oakville

This 1951 Riley RMB owned by Dave Morris of Belleville was for sale.

This 1954 Citroen Light 15 was built in Slough, and is owned by L. Lewis of Toronto
This, like the Alvis has traveled the world, in this case South Africa was a stop.

This 1961 Ford Zephyr MK2 is owned by Bernie Mellon of Cobourg

This 1960 Ford Zodiac Mk2 is owned by Patrick Wilson of Deep River

Mary and Al Coults of St. Catherines own this '62 Hillman Minx DeLuxe

Dave Graham of Ottawa is checking the battery of his '55 Mg Magnette. The charging system is over charging a bit.

1953 Riley RME of Bill Moffet

Ben and Dorothy Derksen of London own this '68 Morris Traveller

This 1959 Riley 1.5 is owned by Udo Dias of Mississauga

Mike and Katelyn Fox own this 1958 Austin A95 Westminster

This '62 Morris Minor 1000 is owned by Eric Belli Jean of London

This 1961 Riley 4/68 is owned by Bonny Mohabir of Mississauga

Mike Allen had sent in a picture of this earlier in the summer. Now I can find out more about it.

This started out life as an 1970 Austin America and is owned by Doug Perry of Drumbo

Looks good, just needs a working winch

In my humble opinion, the world needs more Imps. This one 1967 Imp belongs to Billy Meikle of Oshawa

This is a 1992 Carbodies Fairway Driver (London Taxi) owned by Gord Welham of Smithville. After looking at it my thought was, "why would anyone want a traditional North American Minivan."

John Tatham striking a pose next to his Ford Consul

There are hooligans everywhere

Al Stoller brought his '64 Ford Corsair

This is the 40th Anniversary of the Triumph Stag. Tony Fox, working with the Triumph Stag Club USA organized an entire weekend get together.

This Stag belongs to Chris Hodgson

This '72 Stag belongs to Clark and Maureen Gilbert of Burlington

Ken Mason, of Orangeville, brought along a couple of Austin 7s. The yellow Chummy is a 1929 and the red Ulster is a 1930.

Andy Procktor's '78 Rolls Royce Coniche

Paul and Jan Dullaert's 1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn.

Its a dog's life

I am not sure if the brandishing is a cane or large wizard's wand

Must have been a wand, as Kirk Blake-Dickson magically appeared.

Gratuitous dog walking picture for Elva

Chris Hodgson leaving

Heading up the Appleby line, back home

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