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October 5th, 2014

British Car Council 2014 Toy Run
October 5th, Country Heritage Park, Milton

I managed to make it to the run just short of 11:00 AM. There were 80 odd (and British) cars in the field ranging from the "driver" TR4 (still a favourite of mine) to a McLaren! In the half hour before the run I took the chance to do quick shotgun photos of all of the cars in the field.

The day was a perfect fall day. There were clouds in the sky blowing steadily east, but for the event there was not a drop of rain, only shafts of sunlight perfect for the season.

In the morning members of the Orange-Peel Morris entertained us all with traditional English folk dancing, Morris dancing.

David Wood - IMG_1724.JPG

The Orange-Peel Morris Dancers were heading out to the middle of the field for their first outdoor set in the morning.

David Wood - IMG_1725.JPG

Car guys looking on

David Wood - IMG_1729.JPG

There are variations in Morris around England

David Wood - IMG_1732.JPG

The Orange-Peel Morris dance and costume in a style from the bordering counties of Wales and North West England (the Borders).

David Wood - IMG_1734.JPG

From what I gathered last year, Morris was sort of a thumbed-nose gesture to the lord of the manor. Ragged jackets, turned inside out, with bells and hats adorned the members as a disguise.

David Wood - IMG_1735.JPG

Why the disguise?
Well, catching the ire of the Lord (of the Manor) wasn't good, especially if you have nicked the Lords pheasants, who's feathers also ended up as part of the costume.

David Wood - IMG_1737.JPG

I was told by one of the members that street busking grew out of this

David Wood - IMG_1738.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1741.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1753.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1743.JPG

Time to get back to cars

David Wood - IMG_1745.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1759.JPG

Cars were still streaming in the last few minutes before the tour began
Jon Tipple pulled in with his 1973 Austin Mini 1000

The time was roughly 11:15 with the tour scheduled to begin at 11:30, could I get pictures of all of the cars in attendance? This was going to be an "f8 and Be There" round of pictures. There was nothing pretty in the pictures other than the cars. I know some of the cars, not all, and I will keep count!

Phil Miller - SAM_0867.jpg

Car #1 - Aston Martin DB4 in the early morning light
Phil caught this early on

David Wood - IMG_1761.JPG

Car #2 - Paul Dullaert with his 1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn

David Wood - IMG_1762.JPG

Car #3 - Ron and Wendy Freeman's XK8

David Wood - IMG_1763.JPG

Car #4 - Morgan belonging to Ray and Liz Stevens

David Wood - IMG_1764.JPG

Car #5 - Grant and Jean Leonard's Alpine Tiger

David Wood - IMG_1765.JPG

Car #6 - 1967 MGB owned by Charles Boggis

David Wood - IMG_1766.JPG

Car #7

David Wood - IMG_1870.JPG

Car #8 - 1979 Innocenti Mini owned by Michael Debono

David Wood - IMG_1871.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1768.JPG

Car #9 - 1976 Mini Van

David Wood - IMG_1769.JPG

Car #10

David Wood - IMG_1770.JPG

Car #11

David Wood - IMG_1771.JPG

Car #12

David Wood - IMG_1772.JPG

Car #13

David Wood - IMG_1773.JPG

Car #14 - 1956 Morgan owned by Gil Caratin

David Wood - IMG_1774.JPG

Car #15

David Wood - IMG_1775.JPG

Car #16

David Wood - IMG_1776.JPG

Car #17

David Wood - IMG_1777.JPG

Car #18

David Wood - IMG_1778.JPG

Car #19

David Wood - IMG_1779.JPG

Car #20

David Wood - IMG_1780.JPG

Car #21

David Wood - IMG_1781.JPG

Car #22 - Chris Tank owns this '74 Triumph Stag

David Wood - IMG_1782.JPG

Car #23 - Al Stoller owns this 1964 Ford Corsair

David Wood - IMG_1783.JPG

Car #24 - MGB of John Roden

David Wood - IMG_1784.JPG

Car #25 - McLaren 12C Spider. Definitely rare in these parts

David Wood - IMG_1785.JPG

Car #26

David Wood - IMG_1787.JPG

Car #27

David Wood - IMG_1788.JPG

Car #28

David Wood - IMG_1789.JPG

Car #29

David Wood - IMG_1790.JPG

Car #30

David Wood - IMG_1791.JPG

Car #31

David Wood - IMG_1792.JPG

Car #32

David Wood - IMG_1793.JPG

Car #33

David Wood - IMG_1794.JPG

Car #34 - Kieth Powell's Morgan

David Wood - IMG_1795.JPG

Car #35

David Wood - IMG_1796.JPG

Car #36

David Wood - IMG_1797.JPG

Car #37

David Wood - IMG_1798.JPG

Car #38 - Phil and Wendy Miller's MG Midget

David Wood - IMG_1799.JPG

Car #39

David Wood - IMG_1800.JPG

Car #40

David Wood - IMG_1801.JPG

Car #41

David Wood - IMG_1802.JPG

Car #42

David Wood - IMG_1803.JPG

Car #43

David Wood - IMG_1804.JPG

Car #44 - Peter Angelidis' 1956 MGA

David Wood - IMG_1805.JPG

Car #45 - Don Horne's Lotus

David Wood - IMG_1806.JPG

Car #46

David Wood - IMG_1807.JPG

Car #47

David Wood - IMG_1808.JPG

Car #48 - I don't know who he is but he's a member

David Wood - IMG_1809.JPG

Car #49

David Wood - IMG_1810.JPG

Car #50

David Wood - IMG_1811.JPG

Car #51 - The Cooper's Cooper S Mini

David Wood - IMG_1812.JPG

Car #52 - Gabriella Eustace's Morgan

David Wood - IMG_1813.JPG

Car #53

David Wood - IMG_1814.JPG

Car #54 (Where are you?)
Sorry I couldn't help it, this is a 1948 Bristol Owned by Dorieh Berteletti

David Wood - IMG_1815.JPG

Car #55 - Greg and Sue Foard's 1961 MGA 1600, Scarlett

David Wood - IMG_1816.JPG

Car #56

David Wood - IMG_1817.JPG

Car #57 - Howard and Barb Grant's Jaguar

David Wood - IMG_1820.JPG

Car #58 - Howard and Barb Grant's Spitfire

David Wood - IMG_1821.JPG

Car #59 - David Hall and Jane Dobson's Jaguar XKR convertible

David Wood - IMG_1822.JPG

Car #60 - Chris Young brought his 1954 Daimler Conquest

David Wood - IMG_1823.JPG

Car #61

David Wood - IMG_1824.JPG

Car #61 with proud owners
Anyone know who they are??

David Wood - IMG_1825.JPG

Car #62 - Jon Tipple's 1973 Austin Mini 1000

David Wood - IMG_1826.JPG

Car #63 - Ray Franklin's Aston Martin DB9

David Wood - IMG_1827.JPG

Car #64 - Don Franklins special Edition Jaguar XKR

David Wood - IMG_1828.JPG

Car #65 - Phil and Wendy Miller's Jaguar XJR

David Wood - IMG_1829.JPG

Car #66 - Brian Hawkins' 1966 Morgan

David Wood - IMG_1830.JPG

Car #67

David Wood - IMG_1831.JPG

Car #68 Malcolm Taylor's Triumph TR3

David Wood - IMG_1832.JPG

Car #69 - Peter and Cindy Conway's E Type Jaguar

David Wood - IMG_1833.JPG

Car #70 - Peter and Cindy Conway's MGB

David Wood - IMG_1834.JPG

Car #71

David Wood - IMG_1835.JPG

Car #71 - John Fitchie, just arrived in time for the tour

David Wood - IMG_1836.JPG

Car #72 - Roper Galloway's Jaguar Vanden Plas

I made it, all of the cars pictured before they left for the tour

David Wood - IMG_1837.JPG

It was all orderly at first

David Wood - IMG_1838.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1839.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1840.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1841.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1844.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1845.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1846.JPG

Then it became gridlock!

David Wood - IMG_1847.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1848.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1849.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1851.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1852.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1853.JPG

Greg and Sue Foard remained behind and got some nosh

David Wood - IMG_1855.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1856.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1857.JPG

It's a dog's life

David Wood - IMG_1859.JPG

This Morgan has duties to perform

David Wood - IMG_1861.JPG

Heading off for the tour?

David Wood - IMG_1862.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1863.JPG

It just needed a bit more ground clearance for a couple of spots

David Wood - IMG_1864.JPG

A well photographed Morgan

David Wood - IMG_1866.JPG

I am now kicking myself for not introducing myself

David Wood - IMG_1896.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1867.JPG

A dog's life Pt 2 - So many car tires not enough widdle

David Wood - IMG_1869.JPG

Installing batteries

David Wood - IMG_1891.JPG

Car #73

Ok, a moment to remember why we came here, the booty so far!

David Wood - IMG_1872.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1874.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1875.JPG

Back To Cars For a bit

David Wood - IMG_1883.JPG

Car #74

David Wood - IMG_1885.JPG

Came in and missed the tour

David Wood - IMG_1886.JPG

But, there were plenty of people to natter with

David Wood - IMG_1887.JPG

A fine collection of Mini Minis

David Wood - IMG_1888.JPG

Time for the Orange-Peels' second set

David Wood - IMG_1892.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1893.JPG

This little Morgan got in ahead of Paul and Jan
He navigated the tour flawlessly

David Wood - IMG_1894.JPG

Paul and Jan had a chance to follow someone else for the last of the tour

David Wood - IMG_1895.JPG

Orange-Peel Morris on the cusp of starting

David Wood - IMG_1897.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1902.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1903.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1908.JPG

CAR! Road Hockey and Morris Dancing surprisingly similar

David Wood - IMG_1904.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1910.JPG


David Wood - IMG_1911.JPG

Any car can get Piped in, How about "Folkmusiced In"
Word and phrase are new, I am working on its inclusion
in a fine dictionary somewhere.

David Wood - IMG_1912.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1913.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1914.JPG

Paul and Jan Dullaert with Ray Stevens

David Wood - IMG_1917.JPG

Back to dancing!

David Wood - IMG_1919.JPG


David Wood - IMG_1920.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1921.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1924.JPG

Time for one last kick at the cat!

David Wood - IMG_1925.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1927.JPG

Much to the delight of the audience

David Wood - IMG_1929.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1928.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1936.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1939.JPG

Here we have them posed
(Andrew Cowie actually did, I just elbowed my way in )

David Wood - IMG_1944.JPG

Is my number up?

David Wood - IMG_1945.JPG

Keeping the door prizes safe!

David Wood - IMG_1947.JPG

Santa Claus is Coming!
Phil's Daughter Rachael with Granddaughter Veronica

David Wood - IMG_1949.JPG

Checking the bag contents

David Wood - IMG_1950.JPG

Ready to be off!
Santa, Howard Grant, with Phil

David Wood - IMG_1951.JPG

Major Darrell Jackson, of the Salvation Army with Phil

David Wood - IMG_1952.JPG

Santa's off with treats for all of those naughty and nice
Ray Stevens at the wheel of his Morgan

David Wood - IMG_1954.JPG

Car #75, a white Frogeye Sprite, on the far right, with its lights on!

David Wood - IMG_1956.JPG

Santa coming around for a strafing run!

David Wood - IMG_1958.JPG

Armaments were packages of crisps (chips) and hard candies

David Wood - IMG_1959.JPG

Crisps were no problem

David Wood - IMG_1960.JPG

The hard candies could be delivered with pin-point accuracy

David Wood - IMG_1961.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1962.JPG

Crisps away!

David Wood - IMG_1970.JPG

One special girl, Veronica, gets to meet Santa

David Wood - IMG_1973.JPG

Yes, she was a good girl

David Wood - IMG_1975.JPG

Eager to get proof of Santa, phones and cameras came out

David Wood - IMG_1976.JPG

My job here is done, now I must go!

In the afternoon members of the Oakville Celtic Fiddle Orchestra, and the Georgetown Celtic Fiddle Orchestra played for us Celtic Scottish, Irish, and Cape Breton tunes.

David Wood - IMG_1986.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1987.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1988.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1979.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1980.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1981.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1982.JPG


David Wood - IMG_1983.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1995.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1996.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1999.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2000.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2003.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2004.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2005.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2006.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2007.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2008.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1985.JPG

David Wood - IMG_1993.JPG

Major Darrell Jackson gave us a few words of thanks for our efforts, and how they looked forward to this event.

David Wood - IMG_2009.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2011.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2012.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2015.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2016.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2020.JPG

The dancing has started

David Wood - IMG_2027.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2030.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2032.JPG

Yup Mitts

David Wood - IMG_2033.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2035.JPG

Typical guy, off to the side

David Wood - IMG_2038.JPG

He's getting into it.

David Wood - IMG_2044.JPG


David Wood - IMG_2046.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2047.JPG

David Wood - IMG_2048.JPG

Here is the Toy Run's organizers!
Wendy has a broken foot, Phil has no visible wounds

David Wood - IMG_2049.JPG

James Franczek, Director of the Oakville Celtic Fiddle Orchestra, scores some booty

David Wood - IMG_2054.JPG

Down comes the kettle
Can he do that??

David Wood - IMG_2056.JPG

Veronica wants the hay bales

It was a fun day, for a good cause. Keep us in mind for next year!

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