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March 1st 2014


Notice to all members:

For various reasons, it has been necessary to postpone the Annual General Meeting for several weeks. The AGM will now be held on Saturday, the 12th of April 2014, at Ned Devine's Irish Pub and Restaurant in Milton, starting at 11.00AM. (Website:

Hopefully this diabolical winter will be behind us by then and we can expect a good turnout. If you know of any members who are not on email and be planning to attend on the original date in March, please try to let them know of this change.

Looking forward to seeing you all there on the 12th!

John Griffith,

Can You Name That Car?

Ok, seems last week's car was far too easy. It was a case of not letting the electrons cool in the place in the Cyberverse where they were written to.

Alan Brand was first in with the correct answer. Shortly after John Voelcker, who has lusted after this car, chimed in! James Ellis had to take a couple of shots at it. Robert Carlisle and Gary Kiernan both nailed it. I have sworn to find a tougher car soon!

Three brothers, Frederick, George and Frank Lanchester formed The Lanchester Engine Co. Ltd in 1899.

Development of their first car started in 1895 as an automobile, not a motorized carriage. It was on public roads in early 1896. This was the first British Motor Car and is commemorated on the site of the Lanchester Motor Company factory on Montgomery Street, Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

The first production cars were ready in 1900. Lanchesters were the first to use disk brakes; they were only on the front wheels, and may not have been effective but they were first.

Their epicyclic gearbox design was worked into military tanks by Major W. G. Wilson; it was a transmission that could be made tough enough to be used by such a massive machine. Wilson also worked his designs into automotive transmissions in Daimlers from 1930.

Development of Lanchester automobiles continued until the 1930s when their high costs met the depression. Lanchester was bought by the BSA Group, which owned Daimler. Lanchester became a "badge engineered" line of cars, with George Lanchester kept on as a senior designer.

Joining up with Daimler did bring a new feature to Lanchester, a fluid drive for the Wilson Pre-selector gearbox. Development continued until the outbreak of WWII when Daimler converted to war production. Their production facilities in Coventry were heavily damaged affecting the first post war Lanchester.

The new postwar Lanchester 14 was a coachbuilt car in the traditional sense. As facilities were reconstructed construction of the all steel Leda commenced.

This was the last Lanchester autombile, the name passing into history.

I am guessing that this is a Lanchester 14 and not a Leda, seeing as there is no mascot and the door bottoms appear to have no sill.

Here is the current car as chosen by Alan Brand. This will be difficult! I will tell you now, this is not a Bentley, HRG, or Vauxhall. This British company built cars for 10 years between the wars. I am not going to burden you with model number, make will do.

Ha! I showed this to Bruce Clarke to check his article, see below. He had the answer in his next e-mail. So, I removed a clue or two! :)

click to enlarge

Our Mystery Car

E-mail me your answers to



Third Somerset Is A Charm

Since my last postings (December 14th and 21st) on this site, with more aggravation, I have finally gotten the last of my 3 Austins home.

Bruce Clarke

Iced and Snowed in!

The seller was told in no uncertain terms to get it off the property as the company was moving to a new location.

My friend Don got permission to loan me a company flat deck trailer to move the Austin out. The Saturday of the February long weekend I headed into Edmonton to pick up the trailer and load the car. After missing the turn for the trailer I had to drive an extra 10 Km causing me to have to wait until the yard holding the trailer was open again (lunch).

Trailer hooked up, Don and I had to cross the city to Stony Plain where the Austin sat, we got almost to the car (a block away) and found a CN train stopped across the road, thinking fast I turned toward the next crossing but found it was blocked as well. We sat there for almost an hour waiting on the CN repair crew to fix the problem (wouldn't build air pressure).

We finally pulled into the yard at about 2:30 and loaded the car with the help from Winfield Heavy Truck & Collision Repair across the road loaning us their fork truck. We finally left for home close to 4 PM.

Shortly after getting back onto the Yellowhead we had to stop because the driver's door refused to stay shut, we had to reload the car on backward to help distribute the load. As it was, from this point all the way home if I could not drive any faster than 60KPH or the truck would start swaying.

Bruce Clarke

Finally Home

On Sunday my wife and I fought with the little beast to get it off the trailer and in front of the garage. Finally after fighting with my truck and the ice back there. we were successful.

Today was decent temperature so I went out to check it out, for fun I decided to drop a battery under the hood and with an intravenous fuel supply it started right up.

I didn't run it for more than a minute as I didn't want to chance damage to it but it was nice to hear that little sewing machine idling.

More to come...

Bruce Clarke

South Pacific Seat Count

17 Seats Sold, 17 available

Sunday June 8th at the Huron Country Playhouse
Grand Bend ON
Contact Tony Hughes at

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