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March 29th 2014

South Pacific: 22 sold, price break made!!
12 seats left!

Can You Name That Car?

Here it is, the fruit of a Honda and Rover collaboration. In North America it was the Sterling 825 and 827. Its Honda couterpart was the Acura Legend.

The two companies joined forces on development of this car in the early 80s. Honda needed a larger car to continue its rise in the North American luxury market. Rover was trying to get back into that market.

Both cars shared a common unit-body and V6 engine (for North America). External appearance, and interior styling, along with the suspension were different for both cars.

Initially the outlook for the Sterling was good. It was very similar to the Acura in many respects, but suffered from various build problems. Sales dropped from about 14,000 in 1987 to a low of 2,000 in 1991 when the car was pulled from the North American market. Build quality improved as production continued, but once J.D. Power pegged it as a lemon there was no second chance.

The home market car, badged as the Rover 800 series, survived and thrived. There were more models with their varying prices and engine selections.

A facelift for 1992 Rovers updated exterior styling, giving curves and a more traditional grille, it still retained much of the structure of the earlier cars. The Rover 800 series continued until 1998. It still had it ups (Isle of Man TT) and downs (Rover KV6 engine) as it was replaced by the Rover 75

So, who came in correct with guesses. Alan Brand, had it very quick. John Voelcker, and Mark Drallop had it close enough, and I hit James Ellis, and Matthew William Giesbrecht with a bonus question (what was it known as in Britain? - answer, Rover).

Jeff Fenwick, Dwain Grindinger, Robert Carlile, Ed Bratt, and Gary Kiernan had it correct. Tony Cove had it and let me know about Tony Pond's Isle of Man Tourist Trophy course 100mph runs in a mostly stock Rover Rover 800 Vitesse. He missed the 100 mph run by 6 seconds in 1988, but dialed it in for his 1990 run averaging 102 mph (video). His record held until the 2011 when it was broken by a full blown, rally ready Subaru WRX STI averaging 113 mph

Ed Bratt, and Allen Bachelder noticed the Reg (C800 ROV)!

Tony Pond's 1990 Isle Of Man TT 100 mph run
These are stills from the Duke DVD TT Challenge
Anybody have a copy??
Photo from Alfred Noakes

Duke DVD TT Challenge

Start of the run

Duke DVD TT Challenge

Just a bit over 140 mph

Duke DVD TT Challenge

Miss the stone wall

Duke DVD TT Challenge

And this stone wall

Duke DVD TT Challenge

Miss all of these homes and shops, at 120+ mph

Alfred Noakes

Give the spectators a drive they won't forget
Braddan Bridge

Duke DVD TT Challenge

At the end of the course
The siren sounds and the calculators come out

I don't know about this week's mystery car. I only found out about it a year or so ago and fell in lust. It never made it to full production, but a few were made, escaping the factories. Good luck!

click to enlarge

Our Mystery Car

E-mail me your answers to



March 22, 2014
Little Britain, ON
For Immediate Release:

GLORY DAYS Celebration of Speed
For 3-Day Motoring & Motorsport Extravaganza
at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
June 27 to 29, 2014..

The schedule outlines the times and sequences for both the on-track and off-track features and activities for the entire three-day weekend including

  • Featured Hillclimb Event
  • Thunder Road Touring
  • Manufacturer’s & Dealer’s Rolling Road Show
  • "DREAMSCAPE" Car & Bike Shows & Parades
  • VIP Hospitality
  • Children’s Amusements
  • Car & Motorcycle Auction
  • Soap Box Derby

Bob DeShane, the event organizer said: "It was very important for us to launch the Provisional Schedule early. We want everyone to see just what a great time it will be at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park on the June 27 to 29 weekend. We have built a jam-packed schedule, full of action and excitement and folks are going to have an amazing time. We’re looking forward to hosting both bikes and cars of all makes and years at Canada’s greatest and most historic Grand Prix Circuit, Mosport."

The launching of the schedule compliments the posting earlier this week of the REGISTRATION PACKAGES on the GLORY DAYS website.

The Hillclimb will feature cars and motorcycles from different ages sprinting up the hills of Mosport in a counter-clockwise direction. The action will be fast-paced with competitors being launched from a standing start at Moss Corner and charging 1.8 miles

of tarmac upwards through three hills and negotiating five challenging corners to the Finish Line on the Front Straight.

"Anyone can get involved in the action", DeShane said. "Whether you have a spanking new Corvette or Fiat 500, the latest Triumph Motorcycle or maybe a classic 1930’s MG Racer or ‘69 Camaro, cars and bikes of every age and description will be able to be registered to become part of the weekend action at this fantastic new spectacle of motoring and motorsport in North America."

Hillclimb participants can register in one of five "Sectors" including Modern Cars from 1990 to present, Classic Cars from 1973 to 1989, Vintage/Historic Cars from the beginning of time to 1972, Motorcycles (all years) and Race Cars. A sixth Sector is reserved for Featured Cars and Motorcycles and also Celebrity Drivers and Riders.

It is important that people register early because space is very limited. Each Car Sector is limited to only thirty cars and only 50 in the Motorcycle Sector.

In addition to the hillclimb there is a veritable circus of events planned for the weekend including the THUNDER ROAD TOURING full course lapping, car and bike shows, car and bike corrals, a car and bike auction, a soap box derby, featured drivers, cars, bikes and riders and much more. GLORY DAYS Celebration of Speed will thrill your senses and capture your heart like no other event.

Provisional Schedule

You don’t want to miss it!

GLORY DAYS Celebration of Speed is unique in North America and it holds something both pleasing and thrilling for every motoring, riding and racing enthusiast.

Be captured, be thrilled, BE THERE!

For more information and regular updates, please log on to the website: or call Bob DeShane at 705-878-5422

South Pacific Seat Count

19 Seats Sold, 15 available

Sunday June 8th at the Huron Country Playhouse
Grand Bend ON
Contact Tony Hughes at

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From summer 2013, Sterling for sale
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David E. Wood
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