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April 26th 2014

Fast Internet Dial Up

Boot 'N Bonnet Autojumble

Mark your calendar and invite family and friends to join us.
Sunday May 4th, 2014
10:00 - 2:00
Portsmouth Olympic Harbour
Kingston, Ontario.

Admission: $3.00
Tables: Members $10 / Non Members $25

St. George's Anglican Church, New Hamburg
3rd Annual Classic Vehicle Show and Blessing Saturday, May 10, 2014
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Kirkpatrick Park, Wilmot Street, New Hamburg, ON

All Classic and Special Interest Vehicles Welcome!
Souvenir Plaques to first 50 Registered Vehicles, Prize Draws
Registration Fee - $10 per vehicle; passengers free.
Special draw for exhibitors who register before May 5.

To register in advance, complete this form and mail with cheque payable to St. George's Anglican Church to:
G. Brandt, 906558 Rd 12, R.R. 4, Bright, ON N0J 1B0

Can You Name That Car?

Last weeks Mystery Car, Ogle Mini, Ogle SX1000

This was to be the winter ending stumper. And it may have been, but I put up the wrong car. Gary Kiernan sent me a teenie tiny picture. I went looking for a larger version and came up with this one, which I thought was the same car. It wasn't.

Answers came in fast and furious less than 5 minutes after my posts. Dan Thompson chimed in before I could get away from Facebook. Alan Brand came in second, but to be fair he was playing silly bugger and not online. Todd Robin Ziebell, Ted Andkilde, Jim Ellis, and Liz Morgan came in shortly after.

David Ogle founded the design company Ogle Design in 1954. Although this was only 8 years before his death, he had his design hands in consumer, industrial, and automotive designs.

One his largest customers was Bush Ltd., a manufacturer of audio visual products. Below is his design of the Bush TR82 transistor radio.

He was very well respected in design circles.

One of his first automobile designs was based on a Riley 1.5. Riley wanted to come out of the shadow of the new Farina designs. I am not sure if Riley was pushing this design or not, in the end only 8 were built. This is what I was supposed to stump you with.

In the fibreglass cocoon of the 1960 Ogle 1.5 was the chassis with tuned engine of the Riley One-Point-Five.

Ogle then went and designed a fiberglass body for the Mini. This time with some production facilities. At the beginning manufacture meant the customer brought in his Mini to have it re-bodied. Any Mini that could be ordered or modified was the grist for the Ogle mill. Later in the production Ogle provided complete built cars.

The car below is one No. 63 of 66 Ogle SX1000s built. RM Auctions had it up for sale October 31st 2012 selling it for old for £14,560. It looks like a neat tidy little car.

click to enlarge RM Auctions

click to enlarge RM Auctions

click to enlarge RM Auctions

click to enlarge RM Auctions

David Ogle died driving an SX1000 to Brands Hatch in May 1962. After that Ogle Design continued as a company, developing the SX250 around a Daimler SP250. Daimler was not interested in the car and the project went to Reliant, eventually becoming the Scimitar.

That was pretty much it for our "Guess That Car" feature. It will return next winter.

Cheers, DW

Help Save These Magazines

Scott Morris rescued boxes of Autosport magazine from a trip to the dump. The collection of weekly magazine dates from 1977 to 2001. The collection is not complete but it is a damn good start. By the way they are free gratis!

Contact Scott Morris at

Leonard Picnic and Swap Meet
June 8th
13551 tenth line, Georgetown, ON

Both a SWAP meet and picnic where members can bring British car components for sale,swap or buy "whatever".
Attendees can bring a picnic lunch and of course a lawn chair for their comfort.
10am 'til 3pm or so
Grant Leonard (

BC Vauxhalls (and a Plymouth) For Sale

Ian Cox e-mailed me:

Vauxhall Collection for Sale:!

1954 Vauxhall E-Series Velox 4 door saloon (green) used as reliable daily driver for many years; 6 cyl. 3 speed manual; runs and restorable. 1955 Vauxhall E-Series Velox 4 door saloon (white); 6 cyl. 3 speed manual; runs; restorable Asking $500 for pair!

1960 Vauxhall Velox PA 4 door saloon (blue); 6 cylinder Hdryamatic (auto.) trans; 6 cyl; could be restored or serve as parts car for yellow 61 (see below)!

1961 Velox PA 4 door saloon (yellow); 6 cal. 3 speed manual; good body; runs and restorable; !

1960 Vauxhall Velox PA 4 door saloon (green); 6 cylinder, 3 speed manual; used in Club events for many years; runs and drives; good condition.!

The three 1960-61 cars are offered as a group at $2000 for the lot.!

1950 Plymouth P-19C 4 door sedan (red); 6 cylinder, 3 speed manual; good condition;was dri-ven daily. Asking $3000 !

All cars were driven to their Nanaimo location from Richmond several years ago; a large num-ber of spare parts and literature is included with the cars. Health concerns force owner to relo-cate and all cars MUST GO By July 1st or they will be junked. Owner willing to negotiate indi-vidual sales, too.!

Paul Beenham,

And a Plymouth,

South Pacific Seat Count

22 Seats Sold, 12 available
Price Break Made!

Sunday June 8th at the Huron Country Playhouse
Grand Bend ON
Contact Tony Hughes at

David E. Wood
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