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May 27th 2016

New Event Listing
Escarpment Run St. Catharines almost to Stony Creek
Sunday, June 12, 2016

Darrell McDonald and Harold Leece have put together a drive along the escarpment west from St. Catharines along Old Highway #8 almost to Stony Creek, then venturing up the escarpment to Ridge Road a few times on the way back. The overall run is about 50 miles and will take a couple of hours. We will start at Sunset Grill across from the new Hospital at 10:00AM and return there about lunch time. Please plan on joining us. If you don't have a ride, I'm sure there will be a spare seat available or just join us for lunch at the Sunset Grill.

The Escarpment, on this side of Lake Ontario, runs East/West. Since we will stop at Tim's in Winona for coffee (West) people from Hamilton, Burlington, etc. Might want to join the run at that point and follow our route to the restaurant (East) where the run finishes. That would make a bigger happier group for lunch. Those people could then follow the first (scenic) part of the run as they head for home. If anyone wants to be at the Winona Tim's on old #8 at about 11:00, they are welcome to join us there.

I may be able to get more tickets
Contact me soonest!
Tony Hughes

Mamma Mia

Sunday August 14th
The Huron County Playhouse
70689 B Line,
South Huron, ON

Message from the President

John Griffith's Update from the President includes many of the upcoming events.

Check it out here.

John also filed a report on the 2016 Woodstock's Victoria Day Parade.

Check it out here.

Puzzle Of the Week
LHD 1974 Ford Escort MK1 Estate

Another online jigsaw puzzle from my site Grey Brits ... Enjoy!

Want more puzzles? Head off to Jigsaw Planet


See all the Events listed here.

We need your help.

We don't have enough time to search out events, you are closer to your local events then we could ever be. If you have an event coming up let us know about it. We need event name, location and most importantly a web link to the event.

We are primarily looking for British Car events, but realize that some of you may be distant from Brit Car only events, leaving all make, model, and nationality events. We'll take those too.

Please contact Tony Fox with any corrections, submissions and additions to the Events list.

Thank you.

Alan Brand, Webmaster

Upcoming Events At A Glance

Rootes Group Swap Meet

May 29, 2016
13551 Tenth Line,
Georgetown, Ontario

A Ginseng Jaunt

Sunday June 5th 2016
10:15 AM
Flying J Service Station
2492 Cedar Creek Road
(HWY 97 and 401)
Ayr, Ontario
For details contact Tony Hughes @

Canadian Historic Grand Prix
June 17th-19th
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
Bowmanville, ON
More information at VARAC

Alberta All-British Field Meet

June 18th
Victoria Park
Edmonton, Alberta
Alberta All British Motoring Society

Field of Dreams Car Show and Parade

VARAC Canadian Historic Grand Prix
Mosport Grand Prix Circuit
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
June 19, 2016
More information at
MOWOG University

Mini Meet North
June 17th to 19th
Canadian Tire Motorsports Park
aka Mosport
Bowmanville, Ontario
More Info at br /> Facebook

Stuff For Sale

This is gathered, primarily, from our Facebook site
Submissions are accepted
But preferably on a sale site I can link to.

1957 Hillman Husky Wagon
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Julian Howard found this Hillman Husky.

1957 Vauxhall Velox
Los Angeles, California

Alan Brand found this relisted Velox.

1966 Triumph TR4A
Leavenworth, Washington

Alan Brand found this TR4A.

1935 Humber 12 Vogue
North Canterbury, New Zealand

Julian Howard found this Humber 12.

1966 Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1
Dundas, ON

Julian Howard found this Lotus Cortina.

Way Back

1967 Ford Anglia ad from Pinterest

Alan Brand
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